An independent branch of the RSPCA, registered in England & Wales, charity number 208111 
Report concerns or cruelty 0300 1234 999  
Report wildlife concerns 0300 123 8967 Rehome a cat or contact the Cattery 01233 646855 

We have just taken in our 5000th cat since opening our doors! 

We want to raise £5000 for 5000 cats, and we need your help... 
Our Ashford Garden Cattery first opened its doors in 2006, providing rescue and rehabilitation for cats, and also vital animal services within the local area.  
Since opening we have now rescued over 5,000 cats, along with helping countless cats involved in court cases.  
RSPCA Kent, Ashford, Tenterden and District Branch provides multiple services in the local area including a pet food bank, helping anyone struggling locally, and covering the cost of injured strays and wildlife. 
Being an independent branch, we are not funded by RSPCA Headquarters, so our team works very hard raising the money to keep us running. Every penny you donate goes right into our Cattery and the services we provide.  
We raise money through regular fundraising events online, open days, legacies and our charity shop. You can view all the ways to donate on our donate page or on our instagram stories.  
The Uk is facing a cat crisis with cat populations becoming out of control. A female cat can get pregnant  
from only 4 months old and have up to 12  
kittens a litter. Neutering your cats is  
essential to prevent overpopulation and  
prevent health issues such as FIV in your cat.  
We neuter around 4 cats every week in our care, 
this costs us an average of £77 per neutering. 
We are only able to do this thanks to your donations  

Help us raise £1 for every cat we have helped 

Every cat that comes into our Ashford Garden Cattery has a full health check, unfortunately a lot of these cats aren't in the best state so need medical care, this can include dental work, insulin injections, scans and xrays, antibiotics and more.  
Any unneutered cats are neutered, and cats without microchips get microchipped (this ensures they don't go missing!) We also fully vaccinate our cats to prevent potentially fatal illnesses, and finally all of our cats are flea and worm treated to prevent the spread of nasty parasites. Understandably, this costs a lot more than £1 a cat, but this money can help us continue doing what we do. 

Get Involved! 

Help us raise money to reach our £5,000 goal. We need all the help we can get so we are calling for bakers, runners, crafters, schools, businesses and more to come together and help us help their local animals! 
With all fundraisers and donations, please remember that we are an independent branch, so to ensure that the money comes to us, please be sure to donate to RSPCA Kent, Ashford, Tenterden & District Branch. Registered Charity No. 208111.  
Just pop us an email if you need any transfer details at  
Cat home donations

Set Up Your Own Fundraiser! 

Help us reach our £5000 goal by doing your own fundraisers, donating to RSPCA Kent, Ashford, Tenterden & District Branch. A little goes a long way. We will try our best to share and support your fundraisers on our social media, just tag us along the way. 
Ask your school to arrange a non school uniform fundraising day. 
Do a sponsored walk or run. 
Set up a charity bake sale. 
Sell handmade crafts, donating a portion to us. 
Arrange a coffee morning. 
Sell your old clothes on ebay, donating profit to us. 
Host a Quiz night. 
Cat donations

Fundraising In Schools 

We want to take this opportunity to teach the next generation about proper animal care and what we do. If you want to get your school involved we have some activities and information you can download below, as well as some fundraising ideas to get the school involved. 
Have a non school uniform day, where students can make a donation of change or pet food. 
Host a school disco and sell tickets. 
Have students run their own bake sale. 
Set up a pet food drop off station to help animals in need in your area. 
Have students make their own fundraising posters. 
Primary Schools 
Secondary & Sixth Forms 
Cat home donations
Fundraising For Companies 
A great way to raise the profile of your company with a rewarding feeling from doing something good as a team. 
Arrange a Pet Food Collection, helping anyone struggling to afford pet food in the local area at our pet food bank. 
Set up a collection tin, call us on 01233 646855 to arrange collecting a bucket or float from us. 
Sponsor the cattery. 
Cover the costs of one of our cats vet bills during its stay. 
Arrange a fundraising lunch, where staff bring in handmade food, and pay to enjoy. 
Run a Charity Quiz or Games night. 

We love to see what you do, so please get in touch to share your fundraisers. 

Over 100,000 cats go missing each year in the UK, many never find their homes again. We provide microchipping services, so lost cats can be reunited with their owners.  
As of this year, microchipping is a legal requirement for cats. A microchip contains a unique code to an online database, which includes the owners details and cats information. 
We microchip an average of 200 cats each year at our Ashford Garden Cattery. 

Meet Our 5000th Cat, Timmy 

Timmy came to us after his owner sadly had to give him up when going into a care home. He is a sweet affectionate boy, currently looking for his new home. Timmy is just one of over 5,000 cats we have rescued since opening our doors to the public. 
Thanks to our dedicated team of Staff and Volunteers, Timmy was able to find himself an amazing new home. He now lives very happily with his loving family! 
We always have plenty of cats up for adoption in our Ashford Garden Cattery, keep an eye on our social medias and may just find your new best friend. 
As you can imagine, fundraising is crucial to the continuing work of the RSPCA Kent: Ashford, Tenterden & District Branch. If you would like to be involved with our fundraising or have any queries about our events, please contact us on 01233 646855
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